Haato[2], also known as MC, is an aspiring voice actor and the main protagonist of Seiyuu Danshi!. The player controls his actions during the course of the game.

Appearence Edit

Haato's spiky white hair is of a medium length. His bangs, mostly clumped together at the center of his forehead, reach nearly down to his eyes. These eyes, angular and gray, get partly covered by hair. His skin color is a pale peach.

A simple sky blue t-shirt with a winking face, as well as a pair of blue jeans and sneakers, serve as Haato's default outfit.

Personality Edit

Haato would like to win the Seiyuu Award in order to prevent returning home.[3] His favorite television series is Magical Pon-Pon.

History Edit

Not much is known about Haato's backstory, though he did run away from home.[4]




  • Haato's first name was revealed as a reward for Seiyuu Danshi!'s voice acting auditions.[2]
  • The term "MC" is frequently used as a placeholder name for visual novel characters, due to the player assuming the protagonist's role.
    • "MC" is short for "main character".