Kazunori Toru, is like the MC an aspiring voice actor. He is a huge fan of the MC, which is one of the reasons that he joins the same agency as him.

He is one of the five characters the player can choose to pursue in the game.

Appearance Edit

Toru has spiky red hair, with short side swept bangs. He has narrow red eyes, and light skin. Because of his scary and expressionless face, he often causes other people to avoid him, and misunderstand him. He gets his looks from his outgoing mother.

Toru likes to dress in funky clothes, and is therefore throughout the game seen in them.

Personality Edit

Even though people misunderstand him and think of him as scary, he actually has quite the innocent personality. A personality which he shares with his shy father.

History Edit

When Toru was younger he was bullied for being gay. Because of this he had trouble with his sexuality, feeling that he was disgusting. That was until he met the MC in the park one day. The MC proceeds to tell Toru that he isn't disgusting. And makes Toru promise to cut his hair, because it was a shame that he hid such a cute face.

The promise that Toru makes with the MC changes his school life. After the makeover he is no longer bullied, because know they can see Toru's glare. However, Toru himself doesn't know that this is the reason.